Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Children and the Coronavirus

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Hey boys and girls. Welcome to my column.  In this first article I  will be discussing how the Coronavirus is affecting children. I am 11-years- old and  I will be starting at Grade 6 in September. I am happy to write in FCR under this column by using my understanding and knowledge of God’s Word to encourage, inspire, and uplift children to walk in their roles in this world.

 In these columns I will be writing on current issues that affect the seven pillars in Jamaica, that is, education, family, church, economy, culture, media and government –  from the perspective of a child. I want children to relate as we see the world and God – let us take a look through a child’s eye.       

First of all,  the Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs, nose, and throat. It originated in Wuhan, China and so far, there have been in excess of 14 million confirmed cases ( worldwide and approximately 600,000 deaths. In Jamaica, there have been around 760 cases and 10 deaths at the time that I am writing.  Still, in everything we must give thanks for there have also been about eight million recoveries and that is amazing.  

Unfortunately, though, there is also a new mystery illness popping up in children ( Scientists are not sure how it came but they are worried it could be as deadly as COVID-19. As Kingdom boys and girls, we should pray to God day and night for our continued protection.

We can find encouragement in this time of crisis by reading our Bibles. If you do not own one, please ask your parents to get one for you. Many children are at home now and can do this easily.  Let me give you a riddle? Other than the Library, where else can you find  many, many exciting books to read in many, many different languages?

I know COVID-19 has affected us in some very sad ways. With so many restrictions, we could not  celebrate the end of our grades at school with our friends. Some of us have been attending school and church virtually in many cases.  We are disappointed we cannot go to the beach, the park, etc.

 Many children can easily get depressed and throw tantrums,  but we must relax and show respect and kindness.  We can do this by reading God’s Word, listening to TBC radio children’s programmes or to gospel music on our devices, watching Christian movies, reading books, writing stories, poems, journals, letters to FCR Newspaper or even to your parents.  Let them know how you feel so they can help you. You can also draw,  and find fun things to make around the yard. Go outside and play and eat lots of mangoes and other fruits.

Those activities will  calm us and protect our minds and hearts from the chaos going on around the world. Spending time with God will draw us closer to Him and help us to understand His Word, for we are the generation that seeks His face (Psalm 24:6).   God Almighty and our parents will be proud of us and we will set examples for children who do not know God. Jamaica will be proud of us, too.

When we cannot get everything we want due to the pandemic, we must not pressure our parents and those around us. For instance, due to specific lockdown in my parish, I was not able to have my birthday party in May as I usually would do. It was disappointing, but I understood the situation, trusted God and cooperated with my parents. I received so many prayers on that day from great men and women of God from Jamaica and around the world, that it was my best birthday celebration ever! It was a Supernatural Rain of prayers and birthday Blessings.   See, God cares.  Please read 1st. Peter 5:7 in your quiet time and think about it carefully.

The Coronavirus cannot see our end, we will see its end in Jesus’ Name. The Government and leaders of the world are doing what they can to control the spread of  COVID-19. We must not let this situation  control our minds,  but we must let Jesus take the wheel. He will direct all of us through this awful pandemic and give us comfort and hope.  It will become history and an example of how Christians should trust in,  and pray to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

My fellow boys and girls, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We will return to school and see our friends and get to have lots of fun very soon. Make your summer a splash and do not  let COVID-19 steal your joy.

I end with two Scripture verses that I hope will bring comfort to you.  Psalm 24:6“This is the generation of them that seek Him; that seek thy face, O Jacob”;    2nd Timothy 1:7  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

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