Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Christian Teachers Take Action

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Christian Teachers in Action (CTIA) urged Christian teachers across Jamaica to join in prayer this past week September 21-25, 2020. They presented a number of prayer points to the public.

Christian Teachers in Action (CTIA) is a prayer, discipleship, equipping and fellowship collaborative movement and institution in Jamaica. CTIA was founded 14 years ago by Wolmer’s Girls School teacher, Donnette Norman.

“Christian Teachers in Action is aimed at having our teachers foster a wholesome relationship among each other, share creative ideas, be disciple and equipped for service and cooperately invoke God for divine intervention in our schools, colleges, universities and churches across Jamaica” says Norman.
Mrs. Norman further mentions that the Movement is affiliated with Passion and Purity, Bible Teachers International, TBC Radio among others.
The cataclysmic prayer sessions took place via the Zoom platform daily between 6am and 6pm. They were led by teachers including Master Educator Mrs. Elaine Foster Allen, JTA President Mr. Jasford Gabriel and Education Officer, Dr. Clover Flowers, who is also VP of this blessed movement.

Prayer Points

 Prayers of thanksgiving for the online platforms that have allowed us the opportunity to deliver effective online teaching and have given us an expansion in our technological reach.

 Prayer that God will give teachers strategies on how to teach effectively online and that every child will benefit and none will be left behind.

 Prayer for the development of effective strategies to reach disenfranchised children and that abused children will be delivered and find comfort and peace in God.

 Prayer for the students who have little to no support to purchase the needed resources to accommodate online and even physical learning and that God will provide materials needed for this new year.

 Prayer that God will provide financial, emotional and spiritual support to students, teachers and parents.

 Prayer for guidance by wisdom and that the Education Ministry will make the right choices concerning the resumption of school; both online and physically.

 Prayer for strength for teachers who are struggling emotionally and spiritually; that they will indeed find the true source of strength in God.

 Prayer that teachers will be drawn in the centre of God’s will to fulfill the purpose God has destined for them.

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