Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

December 1, 2021

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Minister Godartiste Loves God

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Minister Godartise shares the challenges of being a young gospel artiste and finding the good within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hailing from the hills of St. Andrew a lover of music and God, Johnoy ‘Minister Godartiste’ Davis, started his music journey at the Mona High School in Kingston, Jamaica. It was at this institution that he joined the school’s band where he played the keyboard, then got involved in the ‘All Together Sing’ competition where he became a part of the school’s choir for the first time.

From this experience, he was able to recognize his talent and honed his craft. Years later, the singer recollects the opportunities of being able to travel to other Caribbean islands and starting the ‘Praise You Every Day’ Caribbean tour which gave him the opportunities of gaining more supporters and networking with other musicians.

The 29-year-old gospel artiste allows God to guide him on this journey as he keeps Psalms 27 in mind which starts with “The Lord is my light and salvation…” Being a gospel artiste has placed him on a high pedestal where persons now see him as a role model. He recalls one of his challenges of having this platform is the high expectations that follow from people around him. Being a young artiste with this responsibility has kept him on the right path as he seeks to let God work through him.

More Than a Gospel Artiste

The more he grew in this industry, persons began to see him as a Minister rather than just a gospel artiste which influenced the change in his name from ‘Godartiste’ to Minister Godartiste reflecting the role model status he has gained. With this status, he believes making the best decision becomes harder leaving a small opening for spontaneous actions.

“I really like comedy and I believe some of the things I would want to share, persons may misinterpret the intentions, I think as a gospel artiste we are scrutinized a lot, we have to walk on chalk line,” says Davis.

His Testimony

The Gospel artiste shared one of his biggest testimony of starting college and facing many struggles. Finding his tuition became one of his issues he faced but the power of faith resolved that problem. He received a phone call one Saturday evening and at the end of the call, he received a scholarship that covered the balance of his tuition.

“The faithfulness of God and whatever He says He’s going to do, He will do it and if He gives you a vision, He will always make away,” The singer says.

New Song

The lovers of Gospel music can expect new projects soon as the singer mentioned a new song called “Help me” that is set to be released soon. Many collaborations locally and internationally are also in the work.

Though COVID-19 has created restrictions and setbacks for some Minister Godartiste remains steadfast in using this time create music the fans will enjoy.

By Shantelle Brown

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