Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Deputy Superintendent of Police Warren Williams has no regrets for the 23 years he has served in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and sees no conflict or contradiction in his career as a Christian cop. In fact, he revels in the “Three Ps” of his life – serving purposefully as Pastor, Police and Parent.
He states, God has a reason and a way of placing people in position where he wants them to serve.”

As a Minister of Religion and Marriage Officer, DSP Williams is the founder of “Gods Outreach and Deliverance Ministry” website at www.… God’s Outreach and Deliverance Ministries (God’s-M) comprises three (3) unique Ministries, namely:
• God’s-M Online,
• Salvation and Deliverance
• Holy Ghost Power Ministry (HGP).

Both Holy Ghost Power and Salvation and Deliverance Ministries are local bodies of Christ in St. Catherine and other parishes of Jamaica, which became affiliated with God’s-M due to DSP Williams service as an Associate Pastor over the past five (5) years.

Professionally, DSP Williams is the main conceptualizer of the Communication Forensics and Cybercrime Division (CFCD) and he now serves as second in command. The CFCD is a part of the JCF’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (CTOC).
He is a trained Radio Frequency Propagation Specialist and Manager of Terrorism Investigations as also cyber security. Mr. Williams holds various International certifications in digital forensics and has over 20 years of experience in Telecommunications Management and Engineering. He is classified by the Jamaican Post and Telegraph as a class “A” Radio Engineer. DSP Williams has attended several digital and cyber conferences and workshops as a trainer and presenter in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America as also Europe. He is a part time Lecturer on digital forensics and cybercrimes at the National Police College of Jamaica and Caribbean Martine University.

To enhance his skills and stay on top of his profession, DSP Williams has undertaken studies in Telecommunications Engineering and Management in the USA at the undergrad level. His education also includes studies at the Masters level in Telecommunications Policy and Technology Management at the Mona ICT and Policy Center, UWI, Mona.

A man devoted to family, DSP Williams is husband to Carol and has 4 children. Namely, sons, Janoye and Shaquille, and daughters Shante and Deborah ranging from ages 28 to 14 years old.

Balancing Act
DSP Williams works assiduously at balancing the three important components, seeing them as areas for service for God.
As a Christian policeman, his faith in God is tremendously important in the area of cyber security. “I see it as an important part of Christian living and God’s mission for the restraint of evil in the world. Christians cannot sit by and ignore this mission. Through my work, I am seeing Biblical prophecies come to pass, such as implanted micro-chip and other emerging technologies. It is my duty to relate these realities to the Word of God, and it becomes an area of service and a mission. My work enables me to do a lot of presentations and technical training to churches, schools, tertiary institutions as also public and private bodies, where I share knowledge for decision-making,” the cyber expert states.

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