Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Preparing For Famine

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The pandemic we are currently facing is indeed more than cause for great concern, but what is even more threatening to the globe is the path the world is currently on toward a famine of biblical proportions.

While different regions are experiencing different plagues and disasters, it is just a matter of time before everything culminates impacting the globe significantly. The famine will include more unemployment, drought, crime, violence, wars, disasters, financial recession, plagues and pandemics.

Up to 2018, UNICEF reported that conflict, drought, displacement and disease drove massive humanitarian crises, causing 20 million people to be at risk of famine across Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria – including nearly 1.3 million severely malnourished children at imminent risk of death.

Further to this, UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said, in an interview, that the economic fallout from the pandemic including lock downs, border closures and restrictions on movement have all had a big effect on food security and agricultural productivity. And extremists have taken the opportunity to make hay out of all this, he said.

”Everybody is very preoccupied by COVID and the virus,” Lowcock said. But”it is not the virus that’s creating most of the carnage. It is other things, and we need to focus on the things that will really cause the biggest loss of life.”

The Trouble Ahead

While many countries have great hopes of recovering from COVID-19, there needs to be preparation for greater problems ahead. For example, the shortage of food and water as well as price hikes, and stock market instability. We are already seeing riots and looting taking place in different countries including the United States of America (USA).

With the US Elections pending, we may see further crises which have the potential to affect food security.
I also believe there is going to be a run on the banks, and some banks will be closing their doors, and that will be an even greater problem for those who do not own a bank card, particularly the senior citizens.

While some governments encourage the people to pay their bills online, what would happen if banks begin to go under, or minimize the amount you can use or collect on a daily basis.

Oil Shortage

There are proposed oil shortages ahead, and that will increase food and energy costs which will cause some economies to spiral downward. So, it is critical for poorer nations to find alternative sources of energy to survive.

The East Wind

The East Wind is about to blow through nations and it carries with it judgement and brings the destruction of the ship, crew, crops and also brings drought, scorching, scattering, wars and riots.

It affects the environment negatively through storms, locusts as well as other plagues and disease. It brings confusion and chaos. (Read Ezekiel 27: 26; Exodus 10: 13, Jonah 4: 8, Exodus 14: 21; Job 27: 21, Isaiah 27: 8, Psalm 78: 26)


• Nations need to: Identify the old riverbeds and courses that have been ‘developed’ and built on and pull out of those areas. There needs to be intensive ‘river training’ activities and building of protective walls. More dams need to be built.

• Food storage must be implemented at both individual and national levels to prevent price gouging, which will lead to famine and starvation. Keep cash on hand, and don’t put all your money in one financial institution.

• Coordinate with churches and other non-governmental organizations to provide support to deal with the spiritual needs of the people. Oftentimes, there is great focus on providing food and other physical amenities, but no attention is given to the mental and emotional toll that disasters have on individuals and as a result, that aspect is neglected.

Weather Patterns

Serious problems with weather patterns will continue. Tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, fire, and hailstones will occur. Most geographical areas and landscapes will change. Environmental problems will increase. Food and water will be contaminated because of the high level of activities within the ocean. The fish are not safe, and there needs to be major testing.

There is good and bad that can be found in the midst of a famine. However, nations and organizations that are properly prepared always have an advantage and will have dominion in times of famine.

Stockpiling and logistics are key in moving forward. The question then becomes, “Is there enough food, medication or water available globally to deal with a global famine?

Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston is a prophetic voice to the nations. He is also an advisor to many governments and organizational leaders.

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Bridgette Donnell

The end of July, I was watching the news and the mayor was talking about citizens not following the mask mandates, social distancing etc. God called me into counsel and gave me Ezekiel 4:16-17. I told my brother and he got Isaiah 3:1-3. From there God has been urging me to purchase food, supplies to make bread, coals, wood and WATER, WATER, & more WATER. It is 5.6.21 & the urgency has increased. NOW is the time to heed warning. God bless.

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