Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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As the world continues to plunge into darkness – sexual immorality, lawlessness, crime, violence, corruption, hatred, racism and all kinds of debauchery – the secular religion has been coming to the forefront in order to encourage Christians to conform to that way of life. Thus, the goal is that Christians must be tolerant of the immoral activities and lifestyles but those who engage in such activities and lifestyle will remain intolerant of Christians and the message and name of Jesus Christ!

Given Authority
Every Christian is given the authority by God to make a change within their environment. Christianity is the only faith to which God has given authority to dominate in the earth. Luke 10: 19 says, “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” God has given Christians authority, why is this authority not being utilized?

Decree and Declare…Bind and Loose
We as Christians have the authority to decree and declare, to bind and to loose and even overturn un-Godly decrees! Every Believer has the right to sit as a shareholder on the heavenly council as an intercessor. We are judge, jury and sheriffs within the earth on spiritual matters. We have the authority to decide with our prayer, fasting, votes, money and sphere of influence who rules over us. Believers must stop allowing the secular leaders to bring heresy to them concerning the separation of Church and state.

Complacency and Passivity
Some of the chaos taking place globally is the result of the complacency and passivity of Believers. Even the enemy knows the Word more than many Believers do. Even those who call themselves prophets have the authority and the power of words within their mouth. (Jeremiah 1: 9 – 10). God has given Christians authority over nations and kingdoms to subdue every aggressive satanic force.

The Reflection in the Earth
The happenings we are seeing within the earth is a reflection of the Church. Many Christians are now giving excuses or trying to be ‘politically correct’. Many say that we should just let things roll as they are because God will soon come, or God is in control, or the Bible must be fulfilled. But the Bible specifically tells Christians to occupy and do business until His return. He commanded Christians to make disciples of the nations. Nowhere in the Bible did the Lord tell Christians to stop doing what He commanded us to do when these things happen. Neither did He tell Christians to turn a blind eye.
If Every Christian Would…If Christians do no exercise their God-given authority, then soon they will wake up to full enslavement by the enemy! II Corinthians 6 tells us that Christians have the authority to judge the world, judge angels and that is why we must support each other, not even to take each other to court. If every Christian would fast at least one time per week for positive global change and for God’s glory to manifest in every institution, and for God to raise up righteous leaders and law-makers, and to ask God for souls to be saved; give up one meal and give it to the homeless/poor; cut down their time on social media and remain loyal to God more than they are to their denomination, then we would have already had the revival the earth needs and is seeking.

Battles Christians Fight Daily
It is not easy to be a Christian. Every Christian must know that our fight is not against each other physically, but is a spiritual fight! Christians should not be paranoid or ignorant of spiritual warfare. Wherever you work, live or socialize there is always a constant battle to get you out! So, we have to fight to stay in love with God and maintain our salvation, purity, faith and belief, as well as our integrity, finance and our very focus!

Walk in God-given Authority
We are spiritual beings in flesh. We come against strongholds on a daily basis. That is why, as Believers, we cannot hold on to humanistic or philosophical views. Everything that happens in the physical is a result of spiritual happenings. The enemy does not want the Christian to know the truth nor have any form of depth in God. He wants us to be at a place where every wind of doctrine blows us away. Christians need to walk in their God-given authority.

Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston is the apostle that presides over Restoration World Outreach Ministries Inc (RWOMI). He is a prophetic voice used by God to speak to nations.

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