Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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The truth in marriage

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Are we wearing a mask in our marriage? Are we acting one way when we are with our spouse but another in their absence?

The Truth Will Set You Free
God desires truth in the inward parts that is what he sees and honours in our faithfulness to him. Similarly, that is what is required in our relationship with our spouses. Truth that is not hidden because of fear, sets the premise for trust, security, freedom and intimacy.

Whatever is in Darkness Comes to Light
Many persons are of the belief that ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’. Hence, sincerity, honesty are set on the back burner giving rise to deception. We are not mindful of the fact that it is only a matter of time before the hidden truth manifests itself. Some persons are not true, real and authentic with their spouses … The absence of truth means living a lie.

Foundation of Truth
From the onset, some persons enter marriage for the wrong reasons such as business, status, wealth, fame or the excitement and attention, none of which is known to the partner. The premise would have already begun on a basis of deception. While there is possibility for redemption for even such marriages, it must start with revealing the truth.

How much do we reveal?
Discussions surrounding how much we should reveal to our spouse is necessary. For instance, if it is in the past some deem it unnecessary to share with their spouse; others may choose to withhold based on their perception that the spouse may not be able to handle the information or an attempt to protect them.

Our response to that discussion should be guided by God’s word. Start by asking yourself the questions: am I being true to God, my spouse and myself? Are there hidden things that could affect my spouse or our relationship? Would I like to discover something about my spouse from another source instead of directly from him/her? Is it fair to allow the same to happen to my spouse?

Definition of Truth Matters
What is important is the definition of truth. Lies or deception is not just a false statement but also entails allowing our spouse to continue deceived because we fail to provide the necessary information. This deception may occur in matters concerning money, sex, our relationship with others, our feelings and opinions about certain matters etc.

If we desire a genuine, free- flowing relationship, let us be honest with our self and our spouse.
Let us put on the belt of truth even in our marriages!

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