Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Help Needed for Small Business

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Good things come in small packages, and no statement is truer of small businesses than this fact. Small businesses are vital in any and every economy – from the shop on the corner to the company with single-digit number of employees that service the immediate community.

Small Businesses Create Job

Whether it is sports, entertainment, food-service industry, agriculture or education small businesses create jobs, facilitate persons of the lower, middle and upper classes in a nation, and form the network of veins and capillaries of each community.

Negative Impact

Currently, the network of small businesses is feeling the greatest negative impact in this recession, because they have to bear the weight of high interest rates, exorbitant bank charges, increased utility usage and increased energy bills.

Selling Their Dream

Further to that, regulatory and compliance organizations lean on these businesses heavily because they may not have the clout to fight back; increased taxes are levied on such businesses, which makes it difficult to compete and even stay afloat. Many are giving up, and some are looking at selling their dream to make it less stressful for them.
In this environment created by national leaders, it is difficult for small businesses to survive – even for those who have a vision to execute and build. Small businesses help to ensure that big businesses are not overrun by the demand not only for products and services, but also for employment. Small businesses service ‘nook and cranny’ areas that large companies either cannot, will not and do not service. Therefore, if small businesses shut down, it will also negatively affect large businesses! Even churches are being affected. New COVID-19-centered policies further affect their viability. They are still being asked to make payments although there is nothing coming in because of the policies and new rules laid out. Thus, the people are headed right back to enslavement.

Growth Opportunity

In the same way that a small tree grows and matures and becomes a big tree and ultimately dies, a small business must be given the opportunity to grow and mature with its community understanding the needs of its society. It is people that make up the organization and each cadre of persons understand the needs of the era of which they are a part. When that era passes and another one enters, a new set of persons with the solutions for that era enters as well. If that flow stops, then there will be serious stagnation, famine and economic problems occurring.Those in national leadership do not often listen to small business owners when they cry out; they would, however, quickly listen to the large business owners and yield to their demands.

The network of small businesses is feeling the greatest negative impact in this recession.

What Needs To Be Done

There needs to be a special agency to deal with the growth, development and problems that affect small businesses, and their voices must be heard.There must be a program developed that actually works, to allow for the consolidation and also the reduction of the debts and taxes on the small businesses. A three-year reprieve must be given to small businesses. Both banks and leaders have to go in and see what is happening – instead of making the decisions from the office chair!

Small Business Owners Must Seek the LORD

The small business owners must now seek the Lord for new ways, ideas, solutions to grow their business – John 14: 6. Remember that Jesus is the way and also that He will direct your path – Proverbs 3: 6.Find ways to deal with wastage. For example, restaurants, hotels and any other food-related businesses can feed the poor and street people, (Psalm 41). Doctors and lawyers can give 10 per cent of their time free! Maintain a positive environment – speak ‘life’ upon your business(es). Declare a thing and it shall be established. (Job 22: 28) Implement cost-cutting measures, particularly on utilities and telephone. Ensure that it is absolutely clear to the staff that these should not be taken lightly. Hire staff that are multifunctional and who will stick with you in crisis.


Remember that God is the one that teaches you to make profit! It is not networking or friends that grow your business, it is God who allows it. (Isaiah 48: 17).

Encourage Weekly Devotion

Encourage weekly devotions in your organization; God is the one who expands and increases your organization. Keep away from any form of witchcraft to grow your organization – it will cause situations to become worse.

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