Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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The prophetic utterances given by the LORD to Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston, Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, and Prophet O. Onesta Jolly

Hacking is on the Rise

  1. Hacking is on the rise and more fraudulent things will occur with IDs such as passports, state IDs, work IDs, other government-issued IDs, and mortgage certificates.
  2. National Security, especially security intelligence needs to be on high alert at all times because there are certain enemies who are prepared and ready to strike because they are totally controlled by demonic controllers.
  3. There will be more demonstrations concerning health care (Health Insurance and improper uses of hygiene in certain health facilities), racism and classism.
  4. There will be wars among the newly elected politicians because of the positions given to them. Some believe they should be given higher positions for these bring higher benefits, especially the upkeep of vehicles and more lavish lifestyles.
  5. Prices for homes, lands, and businesses will be significantly reduced because the car marts will continue to have huge losses. Llayoffs will continue. Hence,they will be laying off workers because they are unable to pay.
  6. Black Lives Matter demonstrations will increase because they will not receive what they were promised to them before the elections.
  7. China Town will lose lots of business than before when the pandemic soared. Many business owners will seek to open up on-line businesses, but there will be a crash because people will be robbed more of their monies from their debit/credit cards.
  8. There is great deception arising from within the newly elected government. Pray also against death threats that are planned for the outgoing president and his family.

Repentance of Prophets and Advisors

  1. The Spirit of the Lord needs the prophets who have been advisors for the outgoing President to repent before Him God and gather the outgoing President and his family together and apologize for not teaching them that prophecy comes with condition. They must invite President Trump and his family to surrender totally to God and let them know also that receiving salvation is the most important thing for them. That will be part of their victory! God can do anything, but He is waiting for these prophets and other prophets in the United States of America to follow through with 2 Chronicles 7: 14.
  2. There are certain laws that God wants to change within the United States of America because these laws have only benefited the rich and have suppressed/oppressed the poor.
  3. There are numerous disagreements among member countries and rising chaos emerging from within the UN in the State of New York.

Climate Change

116 Multiple landslides and flooding will occur even in places that were not usually prone to flooding.

Pray against tsunami. God is about to destroy somethings in the State of California. The Fires in California will intensify, which will lead to more evacuations.


  1. It is recommended for everyone to stack pile canned foods, water, clothes detergent and other home supplies, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and all-purpose cleaners in the event that we are not able to venture on the outside because of increment weather.
  2. Major challenges are coming because the hurricane season has not ceased, and shall intensify. There will be increasing reports of large hail stones falling in diverse places throughout the globe.
  3. There is high levels of toxic waste that are being released into the ocean that has been killing the animals living under the sea.
  4. Great exposure is coming for all the scientists who have been secretly doing things into the atmosphere to impact the climate to cause harm to mankind.

Toxic “Remedy”

  1. There are those who want to disperse the virus in the poorer areas and increase the number of cases in order to support their argument to release their toxic “remedy” globally. They are also developing a preventative vaccine for the children and youth.

Bring Shock to the French

  1. Watch France! The French President has an announcement to make that will shock the French people and other neighbouring countries.


  1. There is whistle-blowing from within TWH to enemies on the outside whom the President thinks is with him. But they are not!
    Explosion and Loss of Lives
  2. Because of the competition between China and Russia regarding the Space programme, there is going to be a literal explosion and lives will be lost.

Doctors Will Walk Away

  1. Many doctors will walk away from the hospitals and from the profession because more viruses and plagues are to come, and the mental stress of it, as well as the fact that they will be forced to engage in activities that could result in lawsuits and medical malpractice.
    Personal Farming
  2. Pray, because based on what is to come, we will need to focus on personal greenhouse farming.

These Prophecies given are for 2021 onward. God can choose to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending, subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3: 5—10; Exodus 32: 14; Jeremiah 18: 7—11; Amos 7: 3—6; II Kings 20: 1—11 and I Corinthians 13: 9. Please remember, God does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6; Psalm 115: 3). He changes Times and Seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1: 20—23).

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