Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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The prophetic utterances given by the Lord to Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston, Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, and Prophet O. Onesta Jolly

There will be more flooding and landslides. Roads will break away and bridges will be washed away.


  1. If the globe would come together and call a time of repentance, then God will heal their land. He has been trying to get man’s attention, but they refuse Him and the worse is yet to come. Many will not live to enjoy the luxury lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN!” “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.”
  2. A massive change is coming for the earth. Things will never be the same again as they have gone too far. The worst is yet to come! Watch Russia, China, Iraq, North and South Korea, and the USA.
    There is secret internal fighting within the group, because many are fighting to be the world leader, and there is a plan to take over and rule. But, they will know that God is the One Who brings promotion. Iran, China, North Korea and Russia cannot be trusted because they are ready to strike to start WW III. All will be revealed, but by then no one will want to rule again.
  3. God’s army is about to march. There is a sword that is stretching out over the globe. Trading will be hard globally. The lifestyle of the rich will be reduced globally and drastically. Pray also for Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, France, Guatemala, Israel, and Jamaica. There will be lots of flooding in Minnesota, Bangladesh, Mumbai (India), and Jamaica.
  4. Pray for Italy, Iran, China, Uganda, USA, India as a country/currency. War will develop which will cause major bloodshed.
  5. We must pray for the food industry as shortcuts will happen while in production. God wants his people to read carefully all the labels before eating these products.
  6. The religious body need to put plans in place to care for the poor, as there is going to be great famine ahead and great suffering. There will be a shortage of suitable clean water, and a shortage of medication globally.
  7. The Church will go through serious persecution in 2021 onwards and must fast and pray for God to give grace and rise bold people of God to move in power and in faith. There will also be a great harvest of souls across the word and we must be ready.
  8. Pray for the Church to arise and get back to God in the UK. Pray for revival in Czechoslovakia and Slovenia.
  9. Many leaders will fall to the pressure of the enemy (Antichrist) which will bring more disaster to the nations.
  10. Those countries who depend on the USA will suffer. Stockpile food and supplies and put another plan in place for what is ahead.
  11. Rome will burn, and many will cry. There will be deception, and corruption. We will see things unfold that have never been seen. Those who should have taken a stand, know better. They did not take a stand which will result in many losses of lives.
  12. People will be running on the street as if they are crazy. What will be happening will be unbearable. There will be confusion, violence, and sorrow. Christians need to stop fooling around and live holy because of what is ahead. We should focus on the Word of God. Preach the truth. Seek for the discernment of spirit and prophesy.
  13. As the globe plunge in turmoil, many rich people will try to exploit the poor, but the Lord say that His children will be provided for. God will provide for His people. Supply and provision will come from areas that we least expect. The Lord said that the time has come where every human being must believe every word in the Bible.

Look up, for your redemption draws near (Luke 21 vs 28).

  1. The Lord said many will go to Egypt, natural and spiritual for power. They are many underground cargoes which are solely for the benefits of politicians. They are storing up for themselves, but GOD sees the wickedness. Each time a ship comes in, they take for themselves a portion of what comes in which is part of the one world order.
  2. We must pray for India, as there are several assassinations being plotted. Furthermore, we must pray for there is great trouble and great deception ahead for India. Pray for the protection of their Prime Minister. Pray also for India’s neighbours, and against the disease the enemy is going to release upon them.
  3. God will be judging the merchants in 2021. The bank will be corrupted. Also, there is a plot to undermine the Columbian. It is in the drugs stream. Countries will use Columbia against the drug steam which will cause war and bloodshed.
  4. There are many countries which will be coming as saviours for smaller countries, but they will be robbers, extracting the wealth for themselves.
  5. Many will continue to use the lockdown as a cover for gathering wealth for themselves. Much wealth has been stacked away, and it will continue even as economic growth is affected. There will be exposure.
  6. There is a great conspiracy, pre-population control. It is all about the wealth. They say when there are less people around, they will have more wealth. We must pray that they will be exposed or revealed. Ruthless men are coming on the scene. Several will wish that they were not born.
  7. We should pray also in the month of January 2021. Pray also for the 3rd of January for the Democratic party. Their actions may cause a lot of young people to die. The lives of the young people will dwindle away. Pray for the salvation of Donald Trump.
  8. PRAY FOR AMERICA! America is pulling further and further from the Lord. “AMERICA YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!” You have given too much access to the enemy. Politicians are to be blamed! Unless America returns to the Lord for healing, the nation will break out into severe civil unrest, famine and increased deaths. They will call for the Church but it will be too late. Pray also for the protection of our schools – This is high alert!
  9. There is a plan to dwindle the population of the USA and many other countries. The eyes of the Lord are watching. The USA will go through a time of mourning when the eyes of the people open, but it will be too late. The evil plan will come on stream and many will be sorry when they see what the Lord will do to stop them.
  10. President Donald J. Trump must surrender to God totally. The Lord wants him to do more for the poor and the less fortunate. He must be in His will fully! God wants to use him.
  11. Pray for the Secret Service that their strategies will change in order to preserve life. The Lord needs the B-Squad in the US to be on high alert for what is underway.
  12. Pray for the USA as there is a major deception even in the midst of the racial unrest taking place. The enemy is simply using the issue of race to carry out their plans. There is a greater motive and the Church should not get caught up in it, because ultimately, they plan to go after the Church and to push other agenda.
  13. Pray for New Jersey, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Los Angeles – California. Pray for the City of Atlanta. There are serious challenges ahead for these places. The Spirit of the Lord says we must pray for the city of Los Angeles as there will be massive destruction.
  14. There are some countries in Asia and Europe where it is very hard to preach the Word of God in public, so the Word is sometimes preached underground. There is a shortage of true men and women of the Gospel. Who will go?
  15. There will be weeping because of the great deception within the U.S. churches and particularly within the black community. God wants the Church to pray for the black community.
    Pray also for the entire black race as there is a plan to slaughter and kill them out. War- drums are beating. It’s more than an issue of colour. There is a secret weapon that has been put in place to kill secretly. The denominational church needs to wake up and open their eyes.
  16. Pray for Steven Furtick. The enemy wants to take him out and destroy his ministry totally. He must increase intercessory ministry and seek God for daily instructions.
  17. The Queen of England has some announcements to make concerning the Royal Family that will bring a shock wave not only to her family, England, but also the entire world. The French Prime Minister will make an announcement which will shock the world.
  18. Pray for the farming industry. Tough times are ahead. There will be major disease outbreak. What would seem like a solution could be destructive to the human health.
  19. Business leaders will suffer great loss in 2021 and must seek God for help. The way of doing business need to be changed. It is not business as usual.
  20. There will be very good investment opportunities for God’s people. Look to God for wisdom and direction, In real estate and other businesses ventures.
  21. There is a plan to attack America in December of 2021. It will come as a surprise. Many civilians will die if this plan goes through. We need to pray for exposure.
  22. A baton change is expected in late 2022 to 2023 for the US Government. Things are about to get shaken and stirred. Social affairs and family life will be greatly impacted.
  23. Mass destruction by fire because of a lack of water will occur globally. There is a plot to destroy many bridges. God is saying to His people, “Why do you turn aside from God? Why do you continue to do the things you were warned not to do? Many have been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting.”
  24. God is calling on the global heads of government to repent. Many have gone into covenants with the enemy for resources. (Revelation 13). But, many will be removed. It will be too late for many, and they will stand before God; and the blood of the people will be upon their hands. Those who are coming AGAINST the Word of GOD will be sorry.
  25. There is another underworld deception that is about to hit the globe. Many will be deceived and will fall away.
  26. There are many planning to run this world as if it is their own. They have treated God’s creation and His people with scorn and disdain. It has caused many families to die and many to shed tears. The Lord says He will stop them in their tracks as they attack earth’s population.
    He will bring the wicked ones together and judge them. He is the One Who created man and no one will stand in His path. He will judge them even before they reach the final judgement .He will judge them on the earth.

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