Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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The prophetic utterances given by the LORD to Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston, Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, and Prophet O. Onesta Jolly

Pray for Oil-wealthy Countries

  1. Oil will become scarce and there will be a global shortage. This will cause hardship, price increase and possibly war. We must pray for all the oil-wealthy countries, particularly those in the Caribbean and South America.
    A Major War
  2. There is a major war taking place. They are after oil and gold. It is about riches and fame. They want to control the resources and pass laws, and they are testing the strength and leadership of each country. Many lives have been lost but God will expose them. What they are planning will turn back on them and it will backfire on them and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

A Global Deception

  1. There is a global deception taking place, and God is calling His people to draw closer so that they will not fall away into the deception. The activities of the Spirits of Intimidation and Manipulation will increase, individually and collectively especially against the Church, but the Body of Christ must stand with the full knowledge that God is with His people.

Germany and India

  1. We must pray, as a spirit will rise up in Germany again. They will persecute Christians and many other countries will follow. We should pray also for India, as there is a great deception coming for India that will bring great oppression and suffering upon the people. Pray that their eyes will be opened to see the tricks with which the enemy is coming.
    Unseen Battle
  2. There is an unseen battle going on, and the beast is at the centre of everything. There is a country watching other countries and that country knows their secrets; and when all is revealed, it will shock the world. A tornado of evil is coming at the world. We should pray over all our medication before we take them. There are many standing behind the holy pulpit; but when the leave, what do they do and where do they go?

The Western Hemisphere

  1. Study the word “Inundated” particularly regarding the Western Hemisphere which includes:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
El Salvador
Costa Rica
The Bahamas
Dominican Republic
Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Lucia

Plaques and Disasters

  1. More plagues and disasters will break out. An outbreak of the virus will take place in Portland, Scotland. There will also be more locusts. The Lord says that we should continue to pray for the United States as many countries are working together to bring down the United States.

Expose Corrupt Politicians

The Lord is about to expose corrupt politicians and those within the judicial system. God is going after the politicians who are deceiving and corrupting the people. They had better repent before it is too late.

New World Order- Laws to be Tabled

  1. A new world order has already started, and the authorities are also working to blacklist certain people globally. There will be new laws passed and others that will be tabled to come against freedom of speech; and laws which will influence the operation of the Church.

A Place of Poverty

  1. There are nations that want to bring the world to a place of poverty, so that coalitions will be formed. Watch and pray for Germany, Russia North Korea, and South Korea.
  2. Many countries will have to buy food, oil and water at exorbitant prices. This will bring further famine and problems globally. It will affect the poor significantly and create greater disasters.
  3. God will begin to send fire on the earth to disrupt their plans and great top men will be exposed. Those who are coming after the churches, “There WILL be war!” Says the Lord of Hosts.
  4. The Lord revealed ships lined up in battle formation on the seas. Pray for Belgium, Colombia and Uganda. Pray also for the African nations, as there is a plan to disrupt, destroy and bring great embarrassment upon them.
  5. We must pray regarding our oceans – war drums are beating. Pray also regarding conflict with Iran on the sea which would trigger a war. Pray also for the election that is coming up
  6. A time of famine for the Word of God is coming. (Amos 8: 11 – 12). There will also be a famine for food as well as more cosmic problems – storms, volcanic activities and earthquakes in diverse places. Furthermore, sicknesses will breakout, for those living unclean lifestyles while corrupting others.
  7. Nations – especially the United States of America – must urgently prepare for what is ahead, particularly within the next 3 months. Watch the months of August, September and October. More disruptions are ahead.
  8. Pray for the country of Canada. There is great persecution ahead for the Body of Christ in Canada. The Church must arise and pray.
  9. ISIS and Boko Haram are regrouping and the world needs to be vigilant like never before. They have strong funding and support in high places. They have been training, indoctrinating many – particularly the young boys. We should pray for the United States and other Western nations. Serious prayers are required for Kenya and in particular the Nairobi Airport. All gas stations and airports must be on high alert. Pray for Times Square, and the Appalachian region. Cry out for Capitol Hill. The enemy is now everywhere.
  10. Pray for Bosnia and Serbia and for the protection of the Christians there; and pray for the Jewish universities as they have been infiltrated by the enemy.

COVID-19 And the Vaccine

  1. Pray for the infants, and against starvation and forced vaccines. We must pray for all newborns and pregnant mothers. They will have a hard time, based on the plans of the enemy. There is a massive sword stretched over the universe. World leaders should watch out for outbreaks of all kinds of diseases worldwide.
  2. God is about to bring more exposure with 3 international lending organizations that have done sly things to the less developed countries that God is not pleased with. The deception was to give monetary assistance in whatever area it is needed in exchange for the vaccine [a remote-control mechanism] to have them on-board with decisions that are made from these organizations so that there are no interference or disagreements from these nations. The aim is for countries that held unto their moral beliefs to compromise, and they have succeeded at this because the government heads of these nations were not discerning, were bought and the nations’ birth rite stolen right before their very eyes.
  3. We must pray that the agenda of the billionaires pushing for a tracking vaccine will not come to fruition. The Lord says that because of pride, many billionaires globally will lose their way. The Lord will bring their plans to naught.
  4. The Lord is also about to uncover the corruption behind the COVID-19 and many are going to be surprised about who is behind it.
  5. In March of 2021, the COVID 19 would have run its course. However, powerful men behind the scenes stand to lose from their investment in the vaccine. Therefore, plans are still in effect to do modifications in order to keep the fear of COVID 19. They do not want the virus to stop as this would cause a problem with their plan in the technological and financial sector. Pray that their plans will be destroyed.
  6. The health industry is now planning to create other vaccines for other diseases that will come on stream, but they will not bring good change. GOD is the answer. If the COVID 19 fails there are other viruses that are set to release by Summer to Autumn of 2021. These are being reviewed in many. Pray to destroy these plans
  7. God says it is time for reset and restore. Even though the plans for man seem to be working. God is getting ready to wipe some people and plans out. Get ready in 2021 for exposure of more prominent figures. A key person in the camp of those behind the COVID 19 vaccine plan will die early in 2021.
  8. We will hear about the whistle blowing of more scientists and doctors. There is chaos mounting up within the Croatian Government concerning the COVID-19 virus [vaccine and death tolls]. The trial of the vaccine will not cure the COVID-19 virus, only God is the cure. Also, many athletes will get sick because of the different diseases that are about to come. The vaccine will not be the cure for them – only God. Loss of lives will increase more because of the vaccine, and this will be evident also among the elite of the elite.
  9. The earth itself is reshaping below the surface. There are more strange occurrences that will happen. The earth is going to split open in some countries. Since humanity is at war with the earth the earth itself will fight back. Signs and wonders are coming!
  10. There will be a massive revival in the churches. There will be a lot of shifts and shakes. Many churches will have to fall in order for the true Church of God to emerge from its ashes.
  11. More One World Order plans will come about in mid-2021. Some will be so blatant that many who were against the Church and God’s people will start to pay attention and call upon the name of the Lord. As men make plans to put in power their choices, God is raising up behind the scenes His people. We are about to see a shift from the Sauls to the Davids of this world. This is God’s last mercy upon us because of the cry of the saints.
  12. Test, test and more tests. The Body of Christ is in for more tests. Who are the true Believers of Christ? As the world changes, many will fall away. However, the 11th Hour workers will fill the churches as the work of God must go on.
  13. The Body of Christ will be persecuted greatly from those who are deceptive-lying tongues, and heresy, and this will be from other Christians who remain rebellious against the perfect will of GOD. Their mindset are still on last year, last month, two days ago and yesterday’s move of GOD. They will not move as GOD instructs them to move.
  14. There will be wars among the Muslims concerning their women and children because of certain changes that they have embraced/desire to embrace, which is the opposite to their religious practices.
  15. Wars will intensify between Islamic terrorists and Jews, Islamic terrorists and Christians. There is war among the countries from the NORTH for greater power.
  16. The newly elected U.S. Government will give Palestine statehood because of their dislike for Israel.
  17. The Spirit of the Lord says the mighty will be brought low and the poor will be risen up. The poorer class of society will rise up because there is a paradigm shift.
  18. The Lord is calling all of His true apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists to come together, seek His face because He is ready to pour out and pour within them for this time for the strengthening of His troops for this major war before His Coming.
  19. Many managers representing different sports club worldwide like cricket, soccer, basketball, netball, rugby, football, volleyball, athletics, and baseball will leave the sporting arena for other prosperous ventures. Some are still complaining about their salaries that their salaries not reaching a break-even point.
  20. There are coaches for several well-known teams worldwide who are about to be replaced by other trained coaches. A few of them will also retire.
  21. There will be confusion at the top levels of the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors Teams. Their CEOs are undecided concerning a few contracts weighing the number of wins to the salaries that have been paid out monthly [to popular players who have gotten comfortable over the years, especially during the time of the pandemic].
  22. The Sports World cannot handle another shock wave that will put them out completely. Their only solution will be to have Christian Chaplains and the guidance of biblical principles.
  23. Pray for all secular musical artistes, for this is the season that the Lord will use to get their attention.


  1. The stock market is in trouble and all 13 stock exchanges in the USA will experience downward spiral.
  2. Many banks will close its doors for in-person transactions for all transactions to be done on-line. This will open doors for more scamming – extraction from customer’s accounts, which will cause major problems. There is also great exposure is coming for BOA.

Hotels Will Close Down

  1. Many hotels, especially the 5 Star ones will lose monies, fall into bankruptcy and close down.

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