Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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The prophetic utterances given by the Lord to Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston, Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, and Prophet O. Onesta Jolly

War, Quiver, Tishaf
2021, which is the year 5781 in the Jewish calendar, is the year of war, and by extension the year of the “quiver” which is an ancient symbol of a confident warrior. It is also the year of “tishaf” which means to inhale (the breath of life). The is also the year of opportunity and new ideas, a year a change of the gods and the year of discernment as there will be great deception, division, and death. 2021, Year of Teeth (bite) signifies judgment. It is also the year of the crown – which means there will be a focus on leaders. Lawlessness will also be an area of focus.

Famine, Division and New Creation
2021 is a year of famine, disruption of economies, new beginnings, division, and new creation. Yet, it will also be a year of Grace because many will come fully to the Lord.

Famine for the Word
It is the year that God will deal with leadership; and it is a year to fight for global dominion. Famine for the Word has already taken place in different parts of the world, especially in Europe and within the Caribbean, and it will continue to spread. This is so because government officials have made valiant efforts to shut down the Church. Furthermore, the limitations on church services coupled with the lifestyles and actions of various spiritual leaders within some religions have caused the flock to wander during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This has laid the foundation for widespread famine of the Word of God which will lead to the famine for food.

This has also exposed the fact that many spiritual leaders were focused solely on the monies coming in and not about the well-being of the people. As a result, many of the sheep are now searching for the truth because they have been abandoned. This was the devil’s original plan – to create the problem and bring a solution. The enemy has now opened up a few denominational churches to host their ungodly meetings and events.

“Body of Christ, wake up and arise!’ saith God.

Hard Times Ahead
2021 brings with its dawn hard times ahead for the economy worldwide. There will be a constant war in nations which includes uprising riots, which will result in a lot of suicide. There will be turmoil within Wall Street, also global currency problem, while shortage, problem within the communication industry, price hike (inflation). World trade will be in turmoil. There will be the holding of goods and sabotage in trade.

Never Seen Anything Like This Before President Trump will make a decision that will send tempests in the USA and across the globe. Many will be shocked. Things will unfold in rapid succession. Americans have no clue what is hanging over their heads and that is why they need to pray.
Many will suffer, and will say they have never seen anything like this before. As a result, the nation will be forced to change laws and amend the Constitution; but in the midst of it, God’s people will be protected.

Airline and Cruise Industries
There are going to be further problems within the airline industry. Unless they seek God, there is going to be chaos within and ultimately complete shutdown of the industry – crashes, sabotage and more. Two major airlines will be going down 2021 and 2022. Another will go bankrupt but will rise again. Many will lose their Jobs. There will be a complete shut-down within the airline and cruise line industries, and many will be without jobs.

Complete Shut-down in Sports Industry
There has been money laundering which will lead to bankruptcy for several sports teams which will cause a complete shut-down in the sports industry. Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 and other diseases to come and the migration of coaches will literally eliminate the sports industry as we know it.

Changing Rapidly
The seasons are changing rapidly that will bring chaos to meteorologists worldwide. In places where they experience Summer all year round, shall experience chilling degree weather.
Those places that experience Winter for 5 months out of the year, shall experience extreme cold weather and as approaching Summer, will experience extreme heat waves.

Weeping and Wailing
Famine is looming. You will see rich men sitting on the sidewalks. The rich and the poor will be on one level. There will also be a terrible weeping and wailing over the earth.

Now is the time that Christians must pray!

Times and seasons have changed and they must discern the times and seasons.

Many church doors are closed. But the government will re-open some traditional ones and use them for their demise and the world will see them as puppets because they bowed to the devil for monetary gain.

A Great Sealing
In 2021 a great sealing shall take place, as God is sealing His people according to Daniel 7, Daniel 12 and Revelation 7.

Read the Books of …
The year 2021 is a year of the great wickedness, rebellion, and sin, but also a year of judgment against the ‘Egyptians’. It is the year the Red Sea will be parted, and also when God will draw them into the Red Sea.
We will see also Revelation 20:10 manifests because there is a war and rebellion against God as well as judgment against the satanic forces and false prophets. Read the books of Obadiah, Hebrews, Lamentations and the 21 Epistles contained in the New Testament.

The Bronze Serpents and the Fiery Serpents
In the year 2021 onward, God shall judge the sins of the “Jeroboams” of our time as it was in 1 Kings and 2 Kings. We will also see the manifestation of the 21 sins according to 2 Timothy 3. There will be major pockets of rebellion everywhere, disobedience in every sphere and sins of every kind. Numbers 21 will be significant in the year 2021. As the people rebel against God, He will judge according to Numbers 21 – the bronze serpents and the fiery serpents; but if they look to Jesus they will be healed.

Rise of the Anti- Christ and the Mark of the Beast
There will be division between the new and the old at all levels – generationally and otherwise. More antichrist laws will be put in place to keep people in bondage. We will also see the rise of the Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast.

A Time of Atonement
God is calling His people, for a time of atonement.

Laws Will be Put in Place
A great conspiracy is to reduce the global population. Laws will be put in place to take away the wealth of the nations, land, and other resources from third world countries and poor nations.
Symbols to Watch
Symbols to watch include the sun, the moon, vials, the stars. Read Daniel 11, Revelation 12, Revelation 13, Revelation 18, regarding the 21 judgements. Interestingly, within the Bible such words as “Frankincense”, “The Father”, “flood”, “star”, “James” are each mentioned 21 times, and the Gospel of St. John has 21 chapters.

The Harvest
While terrible things will happen in the year 2021, prepare yourselves for the Harvest. There will be a great one. A cleansing of the temple will take place. There will no longer church as usual.

Because of disobedience and the ungodly doors that are being opened within the nation, the result is great suffering and disaster, and many official funerals are pending.

Be warned!

  1. The hospitals in Jamaica are going to need more medical assistance from medical personnel, because of those who have been laid off or made redundant.
  2. The Ministries of Education, Agriculture and Tourism in Jamaica are in trouble. The Spirit of the Lord says the persons in charge of these three ministries need to seek Him now for directions, for things will never be the same ever again. He says, going forward without His direction, will prove disastrous.
  3. God wants the Government of Jamaica to seek him for instructions and directions to deal with COVID-19. What works for other countries will not work for Jamaica.

Seek God!

  1. The hand of God is on politician PP and he must continue to follow God’s instructions. It is not yet time to retire. The Lord wants to use him and he must be bold to speak as Gods mouth piece for the poor, the fatherless, and most of all for God’s desire for the country.
  2. Pray that Jamaica repents. God has been speaking to many leaders of government, opposition and the private sector to turn from the direction they are going. Many have signed deals which will bring great suffering upon the people. Unless there is genuine repentance, the country may get hit because many in the nation have blasphemed the name of the Lord and have turned to other gods. This may cause over 10,000 to die. The Jamaican government must be careful about the things that they are signing, because they are going to create severe, negative impact on them and the people of the nation.
  3. We must pray for the Minister of Education in Jamaica, the Minister of Tourism. Great challenges are ahead.
  4. The Radio Frequencies in Jamaica are under tremendous attack and need to be investigated. A major underground activity is taking place which will have negative impact on the frequencies of those that are legal.
  5. Pray for the members of the special branch of the police force in Jamaica and in particular MOCA, as there are interesting times ahead.
  6. Pray against a major accident that will wipe out several high officials. (Sabotage involved.)
  7. War will breakout in Jamaica, in areas where major seats were lost. The question will be – where did the money come from?
  8. Too much pressure is on the people. One set of people is in position at all times. Illegal weapons are flown in Jamaica. The enemy wants to cause more destruction and demonstration.
  9. We should pray for Jamaica; they need to plant fruit trees and vegetables to deal with the famine ahead. This will prevent starvation. Investors will carry out some evil plots to protect their investments.
  10. There is a shift taking place in the weather pattern. Continue to stockpile, because we are about to see a spin coming; a time of distress for Jamaica. Pray also for the JUTC.
  11. Famine, distress and murder are ahead for Jamaica, and crime of every kind will increase if there is no repentance.
  12. There is going to be a total overhaul of both political parties in Jamaica – JLP & PNP.
  13. The leaders of Jamaica must seek God for instructions to deal with what is ahead. Politicians in Jamaica and throughout the nations need to understand that it is not about what they want to do, but what GOD wants to be done. It will be God’s way or man will suffer. There will be a shortage of suitable clean water, and a shortage of medication globally.
  14. Great exposure! Many men of renown will be killed because of the secrets they hold, if we don’t pray. Some have received money in exchange and are regretting it. Many may be poisoned. There will be multiple funerals.
  15. God shall shake the various churches in the nation that have compromised and have sold their birthright. Their actions have brought a drought upon the nation.
  16. Major betrayal will hit the Jamaican Government from a sovereign country that will cause great embarrassment to the nation because this sovereign country wants to move in on the country and take over.
  17. There will be a major “land grab”. Laws and regulations will change to seize property from the people in order to satisfy international lenders. Many prime assets within the nation will go because of default in payments.

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