Issue #ZAS1234

Issue #ZAS1234

May 26, 2022

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Christian Youth Declares, “Serve God, Even When It IS Hard”

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“God calls us to serve, even when it is difficult. We want to honour Him, even though it is hard”, declared Twain Wallace, President of the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) at the University of Technology (Utech).

He responded to questions about the challenges Christian youth leaders face and how they remain impactful and relevant amid the pandemic.

“I told God, no way I’m taking up this role. I know nothing about leading in a pandemic. But God called us, so His Grace is sufficient,” Wallace continued to testify.

Speaking to Freedom Come Rain Newspaper (FCRN) for the Youth month (November) feature, Twain highlighted that the most challenging aspect of his mandate – to know Christ and make Him known – is the numerous distractions and lack of interest by persons on campus.

“However, we keep going not only because we have a passion for the Ministry but because we love God,” Wallace said.

An estimated 60,000 students enrolled on university campuses in Kingston and St Andrew of which 13,000 enrolled as students of UTech, according to UTech’s 2017-18 Annual Report. It is this demographic that the National Youth Month is showcasing in November its recruitment from 1,055 applicants for Youth Parliament.

The Youth Parliament is used as the platform for highlighting issues impacting the youth and to design solutions for policy changes.

However, leaders like David Smith, the Secretary of UCCF -UTech, faces a different kind of challenge in his role to spread the gospel and win souls to Christ.

“Navigating UCCF leadership and pursuing excellence in my studies is a matter of prioritization and time management. If I don’t make a plan I will fumble in both areas,” Smith told the FCR Newspaper.

He noted that the pandemic has created a special set of challenges among the leadership team.
“Because of the conditions of the pandemic, team members experience doubt and feelings of separation and isolation from the group which impact the overall relationship”, Smith said.

He added that the UCCF-UTech leadership team remains in constant prayer to apply these practical strategies:

  1. Be proactive: design systems to carry out some duties.
  2. Stay in constant communication with the team;
  3. Hold and attend frequent meetings;
  4. Remain committed to the mandate;
  5. Stay connected, increase trust, and solidify relationships.

President Wallace, approaching his final year in Finance and International Business agrees that the major challenge as a leader is in inspiring persons to follow Christ and to remain committed.“Things may not be playing out the way we want – it’s rough but we know God has a plan. So we are learning and journeying and bearing each other up. It is hard but God’s Grace is sufficient,” the president said.


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