Issue #ZAS1234

January 27, 2023

Issue #ZAS1234


Issue #ZAS1234


ACCM wants churches to pray for schools

Basil Hanson

The Association of Christian Communicators and Media (ACCM)  says it is against any move to remove devotion in schools, and is urging churches to pray for students, teachers and school administrators.

The Association said it has taken note of the intention of the Minister of Education to move towards a possible implementation of protocols for devotions in public schools, and is reminding stakeholders that the public school system was established on moral and legal foundation, grounded in the Christian faith.

“When you take out devotion, what are you going to replace it with?” asked Chairman of ACCM Council of Spokespersons, Rev Basil Hanson.

“We as the Christian church will now have to look at how we can start serving our community and start looking at the schools and have structural devotions,” he told Freedom Come Rain Online.

The ACCM is concerned that Jamaica is becoming a dangerous place for all, given the extraordinary high rates of crime and violence in the wider society which is spilling onto school compounds.

Rev Hanson has issued a reminder that the churches have created a number of schools in the country and as a stakeholder, should be able to host devotions. He believes the churches should now more than ever place focus on providing spiritual guidance and prayer.

“We need to set aside time in our fasting services, in our Sunday services to really pray for our children at schools and our teachers,” he said.

The ACCM was officially launched on October 2 and comprises of professional communicators, who are Christians, working in the traditional secular, and religious media, social media, public and private agencies, and in the Judaeo-Christian Church.

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