Issue #ZAS1234

June 8, 2023

Issue #ZAS1234


Issue #ZAS1234


Faith Talks: Embrace Your Scars – They Come With Living

On December 15, 2022, at exactly 1:00 am, I sprang up on my bed, ready to rip to shreds the wrapping on my ankle.  It was dark and cold, so I was working blindly.  Sleep was evident in my eyes which were burning red like lava as bags formed beneath. I was trying to put an end to this unavoidable pain and irritation which I could not see, but it was there, craving my attention like a 1-year-old screaming for sleep.

Of course, this was now my life. “It’s nothing new,” I kept telling myself over and over to calm the storm raging in my mind, “It’s just another chapter, but certainly not the whole story!” 

Scars! Scars! Scars were all I could see as a tiny light lit up the room at exactly 5:00 am. It seemed like time had sped up and it was then it dawned on me that I’d been up way too long, and still the pain was cutting so deep.  

I remember it all like it was yesterday and anxious, yet grateful tears still fall from my eyes as I sit here writing this “Faith Talk.”  

The Holy Spirit has taught me that I should embrace discomfort. Back in 2022 December, I didn’t understand this lesson, but as I go through my process now, l realize that discomfort exists only to thrust us into something bigger than ourselves that we can’t begin to imagine or fathom.

Scars aren’t only external like healed wounds from a terrible accident or an injury, or even something from our bloodline that we can’t control (like sicke cell disease). They can also be internal like childhood trauma, mental scars, painful past experiences, flaws, shortcomings, suicide, depression, anger. All kinds of hurts – psychologically, emotionally, physically, and more so spiritually, can leave us damaged for life, if we don’t learn how to deal with them. 


Our scars tell a story that reminds us of where we’ve been and where we are today. Nothing is arbitrary to God; scars are symbols of His undying love and favour on our lives. 

Our scars make us who we are today, and the Holy Spirit wants us to embrace them and live with our head held high; our sight elevated as our wounds turn into scars, and scars turn into testimonies that will encourage and inspire people to see the redemptive work of God today. 

Broken crayons still colour, and God wants to use our brokenness for His glory. 

Don’t be ashamed of your scars, embrace your battle scars; they are there for a reason, and the fact that you have them tells a much deeper story of how you overcame that fight and struggle. 

Recall Jacob’s battle scars in Genesis 32 when a Man (God) came and wrestled with Him all night.  That battle left Jacob with a permanent limp, but a new name (Israel), attitude (not his deceitful will but God’s holy will be done), and designation (Father of the 12 tribes of Israel).

We are overcomers and survivors, not defeated victims. The fire comes and tries to consume us, but God takes us through. Yes, we will be wounded, but we will also be elevated if we just trust Him. 

So, embrace your scars! Embrace your imperfections! Scars can change your world, just like they changed mine.

Kiesha Pitter loves God and all things books and reading. God has helped her overcome many physical challenges and emotional breakdowns associated with sickle-cell disease, and He has taught her to use writing as therapy. Contact her at

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