Issue #ZAS1234

April 1, 2023

Issue #ZAS1234


Issue #ZAS1234


Be Still Jamaica’s Children

A young girl in danger

Another filled with anger

Hurtful and violent emotions

The wielding knife is the killing potion. 

The school’s ground emitted frightful sounds

One girl down

The death hounds, now sound

The knife wields, blood spills

Oh no! She has killed!

Our schools, now a killing field?

This curse must to God Almighty yield!

Bring them to devotion,

We are overcoming all evil emotion.

I cry, I cry for the children, 

On our knees, we pray for their protection, 

School’s crime scene, we condemn. All of them!

Our schools, the society’s reflection?

The children, God, do cover, 

They need You every hour 

Our children, our future!

Yes, Lord, a positive destiny in them arise! 

No more spiritual curse,

No more burial hearse

Peace, oh peace amongst our students

Let them be mutual friends

Save the children, love them

God said, suffer the children to come unto me!

Spirit of God, breathe over them!

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